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From the Designing to Analysis – all that there is in between – Marktab is a solution that served or is serving as the backbone of many operations around the world.

Marktab Includes two different modules – a desktop one and a web-based one. With Marktab you can do most of the work in the desktop and rely on the web module for the whole Data Collection part of the process.

Marktab is designed to support CATI, CAWI and CAPI and it handles Designing, Collecting, Processing and you can even use its builtin Analytics modules. Data produced with Marktab is also fully compatible with YUMIAnalytics Web for a smooth web-based analytics. 

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Marktab powers survey operations. This solution is a go-to in terms of designing, managing, collecting and processing survey operations. It is fully compatible with YUMIAnalytics Web.

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