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What We Are

Markdata is a world leading software house, specializing in Media Research & Planning.

It is unique in being independent from Data Sources and hence able to deal with different kinds of data and studies from multiple providers.

Present in over 30 countries and being one of the world’s pioneers in this market, Markdata has been continuously helping analysts and business leaders getting reliable information for over 30 years.





Looking Back

Every company has an history. In Markdata’s case, our journey is long and has enabled us to be who we are and to have the perks that characterize us. Our journey started in the beginning of the 80’s, in our home-country of Portugal. It has since grown a lot, and today we can say we are a unique brand in the world stage. We have helped thousands of analysts getting their information, helped build new data measuring projects around the world and in doing so we have created value and made the world a slightly better place.


Who We Are

Markdata is a well established company well known among key players in the media market.

In spite of our long history, we have kept innovation and creativity the core of our business throughout all our history and we continue to do so . 

This has enabled us to deliver continuous innovation and new value to our partners. The experience that we have collected along the way has made our software resilient and up to the task of managing complex and sensitive operations.  

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We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.

Markdata offers a dynamic environment in which you will get the chance to work with people from a variety of backgrounds.