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We provide Probabilization, Data Fusions and even consulting in these areas. 

Our Markdata Starfish is the main name to bear in mind here.

Starfish is a platform where we can manage the loading of the different data sources, perform data normalization and standardization, configure the key variables which we want to use as the base for the fusion, adjusting the level of error for the distances of the linkage creation. Starfish then automates the fusion process, which consists on a iterative operation with distance calculation, linkage creation and continuous optimization, until reaching the best level of minimum distance between the individuals of both panels.

Aggregating more than two panels is also not a complex task for Starfish, where it is possible to combine the fusion of two panels with a third panel, and then with a fourth panel, and so on.

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Powered by our unique experience and know-how, we provide Data Fusion services and processes. With a high degree of flexibility and accuracy our fusion services define the gold standard for these processes. We also provide data normalization services and consulting on methodologies due to our extensive know-how on different methods applied around the world.

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