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One of this solution’s main strengths is operating and combining different datasets so it is possible to do this. Markdata partners with data providers around the world but we always keep our end user’s wellbeing in consideration. In this sense, in the event of having multiple providers of data, you can freely reach out to us and we will handle the negotiation process so that you can explore the app to its full potential. If the data that you want to upload is your own – you can get in touch with so that the data can be uploaded.

No. Markdata is an independent software house and we can work with any kind of data providers.

Although we have extensive experience with TAM data, we work and have lot of expertise with other datasets. These include Digital, Radio, RPD, TGI and other surveys, Fusion data and many more.

No. We can only provide you with the solution itself. That being said we have many partners around the world that can sell you both the data and the app. If you have access to the individual data from your data providers you can talk directly with us.

If you have the raw data, you can come to us directly. If you don’t you can ask your provider for this solution. If this entity does not have a the product themselves, let us know. We will take charge in negotiating with your data provider.

Yes. We have helped several JICs in their first steps and many others with audience/survey methodology and mathematical expertise.

Certainly. Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to get you something that really fits your needs.

Markdata does not believe in having clients for the sake of having clients. We build partnerships that allow both parties to grow. In this sense, in the same way that we adapt our solutions to your needs and project – our pricing also depends a lot on what you are going for. For more information, be sure to contact us.